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The Multidisciplinary Concussion Program (MCP) is comprised of clinical and research efforts of faculty from neurology, neurosurgery, sports medicine, health sciences, psychiatry, university health services, and trauma service.  MCP provides services in diagnostic and treatment consultations to populations with mild traumatic brain injury, including those from sports, motor vehicle accidents, falls, and blast injuries.  This interdepartmental and multidisciplinary effort combines resources from University of Kentucky to provide care for all of Fayette county public schools, UK Athletics, EKU Athletics, trauma service, and referrals from community healthcare providers.


The MCP faculty support research activities in sports concussions, Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, Post-traumatic Headaches, Post-traumatic epilepsy, and Post-Concussive Disorder populations. 


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James Jagger, Dan Han, and Scott Livingston, all involved in concussion research, were the guests on "UK at the Half" on Feb. 11th, 2012 during the UK vs. Vanderbilt game that was broadcast on radio. Click the play button below to hear the interview.